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Welcome to the AmityBoatTours.com Finale Edition. In this brand-new expansion to our website we celebrate the life, and journey of the JAWS Attraction at Universal Studios Florida and beyond. We gather together as JAWS Finatics and build an all-new never before created JAWS Community!

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Finale Edition

Well, a’hoy there - and welcome to the all-new AmityBoatTours.com! For the last thirteen years, I have grown up with this website as well as the JAWS Ride itself. With the attraction now closed, I felt it personally necessary to ‘refresh’ and give new life to the site, as well as the memories of this iconic attraction. To that, I dedicate this brand-new Community experience to you, the fans of the JAWS ride, I hope you enjoy the AmityBoatTours.com Finale Edition and may the spirit of Amity Island live on. Welcome back aboard, we’re extremely excited to have you-

Site Objective

As mentioned above, the Finale Edition of AmityBoatTours.com celebrates the life, and community of the JAWS World -- from the honorary JAWS Skippers to the Summer vacationers of Amity, this site was built and designed for you. We have received many questions and concerns that the site will close, and grow old, now that the attraction is gone. Quite the contrary has occurred. We have been working, since weeks before the announcement of it's closure, to begin crafting a brand-new way to bring Amity Harbor to you and something that we can walk away from proud and dedicated to. The Finale Edition of the site is just that... we are extremely proud to bring this new experience to you, as well as 'bulk-up' the AmityBoatTours.com world.

You look familiar...

To begin you Finale Edition experience, we ask all of our past, present, and future "Islanders" to register as a Finatic Member of the site. This will unlock all of our interactive elements throughout the site. Registration isn't a requirement, but will definitely aid you in enhancing your experience throughout the site. A complete list of Finatic Member enhancements can be found on the register page, oh- and don't forget - registration will always be free.

To register, click the link on the floating "chum trail" at the bottom of any page of the site... Speaking of which, we'll explain the "chum trail" a little later on...

Amity Community - Like Never Before

The new Finatic Community is built in to the Finale Edition. Once registered, Finatic Members can interact with some of our most popular articles and pieces of the site - from rating your favorite Backstage secrets, to commenting on some of our exclusive videos -- the key is in your hand to interact with your fellow fans. All Finatic Members will also receive a public Member Profile where you can interact with past JAWS Skippers, Creators of the ride, and friends. Best of all, the site will forever remain updated and changing with our AmityBoatTours.com Wiki, as well as site updates, enhancements, and adaptions... just for you!

Where to begin...

The site is a beast, to say the least... ahh we're rhyming. Sorry about that- to most, the site will look very similar to it's previous incarnations throughout the years. Of course, there are a few cosmetic changes to the site, but mainly the content and way you get to play with the content has changed. As mentioned above, your comments, ratings, and polls will greatly alter the way the site works. Not to mention, you - as our Finatic Members - have complete control over what you like. Your Finatic Portal (link is in the "Chum trail") will remain updated with notes and articles from the Admin Team too.

The "Chum Trail"

Meet your new friend, the "Chum Trail" - your new chum (no pun intended) will remain at the bottom of every page on AmityBoatTours.com and will allow you to quickly toggle between the site itself and your Finatic Experience. Also, (when logged out) it'll gently direct you to log back in and reconnect with the site.

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