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Farewell and Adieu

On January 2nd, 2012 Captain Jake's Amity Boat Tours closed it's doors for one final time. JAWS was more than a ride to many of it's visitors.Memories of the attraction have poured into the site from all around the world. One thing they all have in common – from the JAWS Skippers to Ride Technicians to Guests and Tourists – is how they’ve been touched by this attraction's history, imagination, humor, and pure terror. You can view some of these messages below and always submit your own.

  • A Leap in Times

    I remember being a very young kid first going, it scared me so much but I still got off and loved it - we came back every year for years and what was on the list? Jaws. Now, we've faded away from Universal, it's been years since I've been there, I was talking to a friend at a local theme park who just went for the first time and said "You went on Jaws, right!" And she said "What's Jaws?" I was shocked and I told her never mind... I went home and was shocked to see the closing of Jaws. I'm going back in a couple of week... Universal Studios just won't be the same anymore...

    Dylan from Kirkland, Quebec, Outside the US

  • Family Memories

    The Jaws Ride was one of my favorite rides when my family visited Universal. Out of all of our family vacation inside jokes, the ones from Jaws are the ones that still remain even after two years ago. I'm so glad that I got to go last spring break for one more ride. I just wish that I could be a skipper like I had always hoped to be. You will be missed Jaws!! You're a CLASSIC!!!

    Nicole from Greensboro, NC,

  • BTTF Fan

    I can't believe that this is a reality... This ride was second only to Back to the Future the Ride, and that really says something. Sure this ride wasn't the thrill ride of the century or a giant roller-coaster experience, but it had so much Character and heart. No to mention, this ride is based off of one of the best movies ever made! R.I.P. Jaws Ride, you will be missed.

    Jason D. from Jefferson, IN,

  • Ohio Jeep Tours to the Real Boat Tours

    Jaws has always scared the living daylights out of me and that's what attracted me to it so much. From my days of giving boat tours in my radio flyer wagon as a 6 year old to my first tour with guests finally in 2007, I spent years obsessing, collecting and promoting. That beautifully unique piece of machinery will always hold a very special place in what I believe to be the boathouse of my body... my heart.

    Skipper John B. from Worthington, OH,

  • New England to Amity Islander

    Ever since I first went to Universal Studios Florida back in 1994, Jaws was always one of my favorite attractions, along with Back to the Future the Ride. Ever since they replaced Kongfrontation in the early 2000's, BTTF the Ride in 2007, and Ghostbusters Spooktacular in the late 90's with their respective replacements, I had always hoped that they would not replace Jaws. It's not just because Amity is an entire themed area, but because of the cultural and sentimental impact it had on visiters and fans, especially on a New Englander like me who used to travel to Martha's Vineyard(Amity Island)frequently as a child. I am really sad to see Jaws go, but I have been very privileged to experience Jaws over the years. I am glad that I got to ride on Jaws one last time this Holiday Season with my brothers, who were also the first ones I went on Jaws with back in 1994.

    Kris M. from Wayland, MA,

  • Favorite Movie to Favorite Ride

    Jaws has always been my favorite movie. So, it has been a great experience to travel to Florida and enter the world of Amity Island. To be able to ride a boat where Jaws is in fact attacking you. The core elements of Jaws (bruce-tech name for the shark) The fin cutting the surface, Cheif Brody, Fourth of july celebration, and of course the music, all add to bringing the movie to life. The ride itself is is unique all it's own providing people with a fun and exciting adventure filled with suspense, thrills, chills ,a nd plenty of action. The Best time to go as always been at night. I always told freinds they must ride at night the first time. the glassy surface of the water, the chilling sounds of the mysterious splashes, the way Bridgewell's Dock lit up a cool summer night. It was truly an amazing thing to be a part of. Jaws was also a Universal ride, that was never short of guest. Going to ride JAWS has been for many generations the thing to do at universal studios. It sadd ens me to see that Captain Jake's will be closing. So, Many generations will not get to experience the fun of riding JAWS. call of the marines for good, were packing it in.

    Adan R. from Houston, TX,

  • 1994 Adventure

    Jaws is one of my fondest memories of my families trip to Florida in 1994. It was a day after our long flight from london - and jaws was the one of the first rides we went on that day... It has kinda stayed with me whilst other parts of the holiday is forgotten over time!

    Chris M. from Edinburgh, UK,

  • 12 Hour JAWS Fan

    I grew up with JAWS on the Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood. When I heard that a JAWS ride was developed in Orlando, I vowed that one day I would visit Orlando. That day became true in 1998 when I was able to ride JAWS for the first time in May of that year. Since that time, I have worked for Universal Studios in California and had the opportunity to walk the backlot and enjoy my JAWS attraction over and over again. Today, I work for JetBlue Airways in California. Having the free flight benefits, I have flown to Orlando many times just to ride the JAWS ride at Universal Studios Florida. This ride has always been special for me because of the immersive feeling it created by being on the water, unlike the California attraction. I was lucky enough to get to know a few Skippers from time to time and I have been inside the Dispatch Booth "Base". I have also had been fortunate to experience the attraction breaking down during scene 5 with the "Attack Shark". When I heard of the news of the ride closing on December 2, I jumped on a flight that night (12 hours later) to be in Orlando the next day. My final ride was December 4, 2011 on the final boat of the night at 7:00pm. It was a tearful moment for me as I knew I would never be able to experience the power of JAWS again in Orlando. I still have my JAWS attraction on the Studio Tour at home in California, but it will never be the same again. Time to aim high for Japan!

    Christopher L. from Los Angeles, Ca,

  • Never Felt Like Going to Work

    The Amity area is not just my work place, but my home away from home. I never felt like not going into work, I anticipated it. Everyday is/was a new adventure; meeting new people and experiencing the menace of Jaws attack with them. I have so much pride in Amity Boat Tours; in what we do and stand for. It is/was not just a job, it is/was a hobby and life style. I cannot explain it, but when I'm at Amity I feel like a puzzle piece in its correct place. Amity has become apart of me and my life. I am so blessed to have worked at Captain Jake's Amity Boat Tours, to have gotten to know my fellow skippers and to have made all of our guest visits a 'jaw-some' one. Even though it is going away physically, it will always live on in my heart and memories.

    Skipper Anna A. from Cortland, OH,

  • Terrified Again, and Again

    Even before I was a fan of the movie, I knew I had to ride The Jaws Ride. I would see the commercials for the theme park and every time I saw that shark head come out of the water I knew I had to experience it at least once. I eventually became a huge fan of the movies, which only made me want to ride the ride more. Spring 2011 I was at a conference in Orlando. My wife and I both really wanted to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but I had us buy two-park tickets specifically so that I could ride The Jaws Ride. We waited in line for 45 minutes to get on and I was excited. Even though I had seen videos of the ride, knew when and where the shark would show up, I was terrified. It was just as thrilling as I had imagined it would be in the 20 years leading up to riding it. I'm grateful to have gotten that opportunity before it closed down.

    Dan S. from Bedford, IN,

  • A Skipper To-Be

    Captain Jake's Amity Boat Tours has been a big part of my life for quite some time now. I had the whole ride spiel memorized, I even planned on auditioning to be a Jaws Skipper sometime next year. The Jaws ride meant alot to me, and it always will. I grew up with it, and having to watch it go is like watching the death of my son. It hurts. I recently went back to Amity with the sole purpose of riding this classic a few last times and to say goodbye to Bruce. Shortly before the park closed I walked up to Bruce, patted him on his nose and said: "Bye Bruce, It's been fun." Walking out of Amity that day, knowing it would be the very last time I would ever be in that area....it killed me. I shall miss Jaws very much.

    Dan from Coral Springs, FL,

  • The BEST and Last…

    The Jaws ride means to me..Amity Island was home, being a Skipper made working worth while. Not many employees can say they love there job but the Skipper can. We can honestly say that we lived for it and it wasn't just a hobby. Being a skipper was everything we portrayed, we didnt "ACT" as young, fun, energetic, beautiful, smart, witty, teenage kids..That's who we are..Jaws is a ride generations loved, and it was cause the skippers..Each and every last one of us put a piece of ourselves to make that ride what it was,we gave the ride personality,not 40 millimeter grenade launchers..In the "Universe" we were all mixed up pieces but when we came together we made memories and made it amity Island! THE BEST!!!I was the last skipper signed off to do boat tours and I'm glad i've gotten to do them in such little time. I will miss All the skippers who made working at amity what it was.

    Skipper Erwin C. from Tharealest, NY,

  • Home Away from Home

    Working at Captain Jake's Amity Boat Tours has forever changed my life for the better. Amity Island became a home away from home, and I have met so many amazing people, whether it was other Skippers or the great guests that have supported us for years. I will never forget the hilarity of having everyone see a menacing shark and hearing multiple people scream "Oooh! Rainbow!" Hilarious. I love the time that I've spent here and I will never, ever forget it.

    Skipper Andrew S. from Winter Park, FL,

  • JAWS is in my heart

    The JAWS Ride has always been with me since I was 3 and first saw JAWS. I saw it right after I went on the JAWS Ride, on which I was scared out of my mind. Since then, I have always loved the JAWS Ride and kept JAWS memorabilia around my room. At age 7, I started memorizing the JAWS Ride script, and when I was 9, I made my first audio. My parents dread hearing the audio and the script now. I even went so far as to making my own console and putting it in my room, then making a cardboard Shark next to it. But now, I am sad. I am sad to see one of my oldest friends leave. I am sad to know that I will never be able to experience that specific smell of the JAWS Ride. JAWS will forever remain in my heart, and in my mind. So long as I know the script, Amity Boat Tours will live on through us JAWS Fanatics.

    Noah N. from Ocean Springs,

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