Welcome Back Aboard!

Welcome to the AmityBoatTours.com Finale Edition. In this brand-new expansion to our website we celebrate the life, and journey of the JAWS Attraction at Universal Studios Florida and beyond. We gather together as JAWS Finatics and build an all-new never before created JAWS Community!

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Where can JAWS fans come together in a virtual Amity Island? Right here... Welcome to the AmityBoatTours.com Community! A dedication to all of the Fans — or as we call the Finatics — of the JAWS Ride, Films, and More. This exclusive community brings you all together and allows you to interact with our site! From comments, to votes, to likes (and dislikes) the Finatic Community has it all...

Finatics Introduction

We're extremely excited to debut our brand-new community called the Finatics. You will hold the key to all of our exciting new interactive feature including:

To become a Finatic member, all you have you do is register. The registration process is extremely simple, fill out the info found below, our super-computer will send you an activation e-mail, and you're done!

Best of all? It's completely free!! To begin registration, click the "Register" link at the bottom bar of the page.