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Water Effects

What would JAWS be without it’s infamous water effects?! Captain Jake’s Amity Boat Tours utilizes water effects that were created specifically for the attraction to amplify and add tremendous dramatic emphasis throughout the ride. The plumers, mortars, spritzers, and mee-fog effects come together to create the shark attacks, pressure bursts, fog/mist, and grenade launcher explosions. But what does each effect do? And how do they work?


The most commonly used water effect are the thirteen (13) plumers. The plumers create the underwater bubbling effects of Amity 3's wreckage, the shark's break through the wall in Quint's Boathouse, the shark's thrust in the attack at Bridewell's Gas Dock, as well as the underwater pursuit near the Amity Electrical Barge, and the finale. Plumers work by having a industrial air intake valve push air underwater and is held in a chamber until the Ride Show System (RSS) triggers the effect. The chamber suddenly releases the air, causing the bubbles to rush to the surface as one giant 'push' of water. Many of the plumers' pull a smoke effect with them to give the mist effect as the bubble burst (mainly evident in Amity 3's discovery, and the underwater pursuit/finale).


At this point, I hope you've realized the 40 mm. grenade launchers are not real -- although usually extremely convincingly shot, the grenade launchers would be nothing without the underwater explosions created by the mortar effect. There are three (3) mortars used in the attraction. All of which are used to emphasize the explosion of the grenade launcher - two in the initial attack near Amity 3, and the "kill shot" in the finale. Mortars are similar to the plumer effects however they intake water and air simultaneously and create an underwater 'charge' of energy. The air sits under the water, and when triggered, causes the water to be expelled quickly upward.


A very close cousin to the plumers, the seven (7) spritzers usually emphasize the shark hitting your boat or a close call. You're introduced to the spritzers effect in Quint's Boathouse as the shark rams the side of your boat (two trigger), next is in front of Bridewell's Gas Dock - this is commonly debated if this is the Skipper's accidental grenade launcher shot, or the shark hitting the boat; it's to the Skipper's decoration on which they'd like to use in-show - and finally in the finale, spritzers emphasize the shark grabbing the cable (once in mouth) and being electrocuted as well as the final "kill shot". The spritzer effect is almost created almost exactly like the mortar effect, however instead of being freely shot upwards, the water/air is concentrated out of a strawlike pipe. Think of blowing water out of the end of a bendy straw times a hundred.


Next up, is my favorite effect, Mee-fog. In 1969, Thomas Mee Jr. invented the Mee-fog effect, which is simply high-pressured water pushed through specially designed nossels to create a dense fog effect that is completely harmless yet effective. Combined with a confined space, like Quint's Boathouse, Mee-fog clings to the water's surface and will not despite quickly. When you're in the Boathouse, if your boat is slow (or in a ride backup) you'll hear and potentially see the Mee-fog effect retrigger by the boat behind you. During busy periods, Skippers can gauge how close the boat behind them is (since the doors are closed) by the retrigger and reset of the Mee-fog.

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