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Take a peek behind the scenes with AmityBoatTours' exclusive, never-before-seen content - in this 'Backstage' glimpse, you'll be able to check out and learn how the attraction runs, and some behind the scenes photos, videos, and more! To begin, select a chapter from the menu below:

Ride Control “Tower”

One of the most commonly discussed mysteries of JAWS is the Control Booth, which is themed to be called “Tower”. Tower is a small air conditioned room located directly next to the Loading Platform, it’s heavily tinted windows can be seen from almost any angle from the queue. But what does the “Tower” do? Here’s some backstage secrets…

Amity 6 to Base... Come in Base

JAWS Tower was the hub of communication and information for the attraction. Like any Control Booth, JAWS Tower (affectionately just called "Tower") was an air conditioned oasis of the ride control center. Although the precise action of the Tower Skipper remains proprietary, many common responsibilities include watching all on-ride cameras to ensure show quality, enabling the ride computer to bring the boats on and off the track, doing announcement queue pages, alerting Skippers of weather conditions, turning on/off show elements, manually restarting boat engines and the ability to override normal operations in emergency or downtime situations.

Super Computers

The JAWS Ride, as many attractions, had two main control computers communicating with each other to accomplish a ride sequence. The Ride Control Supervisor (RCS) (#1) dictated where the boats were, track movements (including bringing boats on and off line), and the ride vehicles themselves. Skippers would have the ability to restart boat engines, turn boat lights on/off, disable/enable the boat movements, and maintain show spacing from this computer. The close sibling to the RCS is the Ride Show System which controlled all show elements of the attraction. From where the sharks were, to being able to turn the queue volume higher or lower, the RSS was a mega computer that always monitored the ride itself. Both computers were designed by ITEC Entertainment Corporation based out of Orlando, FL.

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