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The Amity Fleet

Easily the most complex, and over looked piece of machinery at JAWS was Captain Jake’s own fleet of “pleasure cruisers”. The JAWS Ride Vehicles (known in the ‘business’ as R.V.‘s) were designed for exceptional ride capacity - meaning the amount of guests the attraction can fit in per hour- with an astonishing 46+ guests per ride vehicle.

  • There are eight (8) Amity Boat Tours ride vehicles boats. Seven of the boats are always able to be used and one is always in seasonal maintenance.

  • Each boat has eight rows holding six people to a row.

  • The eighth row of every boat has the possibility of being a handicapped row, meaning the last two (2) seats can be removed and replaced with a interlocking wheelchair position.

  • Each RV sits on top of a robotic 'arm' which resembles a car with an arm on the top. This 'arm' literally drives the boat, allows it to move from side to side (left and right) using large hydraulic lifts, and allows it to come above water level for loading purposes.

  • Top RV speed during the show is 7 feet per second, although each boat can go 14 feet per second when it Maintenance Mode (done by Ride Technicians).

  • There is over 1,140 feet of track used in the attraction.

  • There are three track switches in the attraction, which allow boats to be moved out of the track way when not in rotation, and/or moved to the Maintenance boathouse.

  • Each RV is powered by a computerized Diesel engine. In the event of a problem, the Attraction Control Booth (called "Tower") can automatically restart the engine, without Technician guidance.

  • Each RV has two sets of sensors which allow the boat to communicate with the central computer system (housed in Mayor Vaughn's house). These sensors also control show quality, such as motion control (stop/go), audio, effects, and more.

  • According to attraction theming, each boat is named after one of Mayor Vaughn's eight daughters.

  • The boats are controlled both by manual, and computerized controls allowing the Skipper to stop the boat at any time throughout the show.

  • Similar to other attractions, the track contains sensors which relay information to the main computer. If one boat comes too close to another, the computer will automatically inform the engine to go into 'coast' mode, once the boats get the appropriate distance apart, the engine will go back to normal speed, there is a light on the Skippers console to indicate that another boat is in the approaching show scene - if the Skipper catches the light, they will be able to smoothly transition into one of the many alternate show spiels (called "Pace and Stall").

  • Each of the show scene's audio clips are housed on a central motherboard on the back of each boat. Should a scene be delayed the computer will wait to play each cue.

  • At the end of each audio track the audio fades out to accommodate both seamless transitioning into the next track and also avoids an awkward sudden cut out of audio.

  • Each Skipper is required to have their "cords" on while doing a boat tour. The two cords connected to the Skippers back allow the Skippers microphone to remain on (the headset radio is on throughout the ENTIRE tour) and also the red cord will cause an Emergency Stop should the Skipper somehow fall overboard.

  • The 40mm. Grenade Launchers used in the attraction are actually based off of real M79 grenade launchers. The M79 is a single-shot, break-open, breech-loading, shoulder-fired weapon. It can be fired up to 164 Yards (150m) and does use 40mm grenades.

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