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Take a peek behind the scenes with AmityBoatTours' exclusive, never-before-seen content - in this 'Backstage' glimpse, you'll be able to check out and learn how the attraction runs, and some behind the scenes photos, videos, and more! To begin, select a chapter from the menu below:

Quint’s Boathouse

An emergency escape from the menacing shark that just devoured your beloved co-worker Gordon and his guests, Quint’s Boathouse is the water oasis to hopefully tie up and wait for Chief Brody - however this dank and deserted boathouse won’t help you for long. With a quarter of the attractions wiring going to this show scene itself, “Quint’s” Boathouse is one of the most complex scenes at the JAWS attraction.

Scene Breakdown

As your Skipper turns on their spotlight to begin investigating and tying up, something goes horribly awry in Quint's Boathouse. The first real cue of the Boathouse begins before your boat ever reaches the doors -- when you discover Amity 3 sinking, you reach a proxy imbedded within the track. As your boat passes the proxy the Ride Show System (RSS) cues the Boathouse Mee-Fog to begin. The Mee-Fog has a good thirty seconds to completely cover the scene before the doors open and begin the scene…

The front Boathouse doors swing open automatically as the boat gets close - there's another proxy about 15 feet from the doors that cue them to open right as the boat approaches. The Skipper's spotlight is also triggered by this proxy, and turns on automatically about 2-3 feet inside the Boathouse. As always, timing is essential, as Skippers have no control over the elements in the Boathouse from this point on. There is one remaining proxy that the boat hits inside to cause the doors to close and the rest of the scene to start. At this point, it's all up to the Skipper's timing and knowledge of the boat's personality to blend the scene together.

Timing is Everything

Once your boat fully stops (again, automated), Skippers have about six seconds before the Boathouse doors completely close -- that "clap" noise you hear are the hydraulic doors locking closed. Many guests don't know but there is an additional effect called "Light Blockers" built into both sets of Boathouse doors to make it even darker and, as the name states, blocks light from traveling under the Boathouse doors. Now, it’s the RCS’s job to cue the effects (and built-in audio/lighting) at the precise times. The scene effects are triggered in this order: Mee Fog (Enable), Entry Doors (Open), Skipper Spotlight (On), Mee Fog (Disable), Entry Doors (Close + Light Blockers Down), Exit Doors (Light Blockers Down), Lunging and Falling Boat, Boat (“Won’t Drop into Gear” sequence), Falling Harpoons, Chum Barrels, Boat (“Let’s get out of here” sequence), Exploding Dock and Sparker, Bubble Trail, Boathouse Shark, Exit Doors (Light Blockers up + Open).

No Light, is Good Light

The lighting system of the Boathouse is different from any other scene. A challenge for ride designers was that JAWS was meant to be an “outdoor” attraction. Meaning finding lighting patters for the outdoor show scenes had to be subtle, yet effective. The Boathouse shattered these rules due to the entire scene being indoors, and allowing for creative manipulation. All show lighting in the Boathouse operated at about 30% their full potential. This gives the ominous deserted feeling – during certain cues the lights would flicker (anytime the shark attacks the boathouse, all lights flickered) and the final attack as you narrowly escape all the lights go out to spotlight the shark itself.

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