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Take a peek behind the scenes with AmityBoatTours' exclusive, never-before-seen content - in this 'Backstage' glimpse, you'll be able to check out and learn how the attraction runs, and some behind the scenes photos, videos, and more! To begin, select a chapter from the menu below:

Bridewell’s Gas Dock

Being the largest continuous flame effect in attraction history has to have a few technological secrets, and here they are.

For many years, guests have questioned the flame effects in the ride, specifically the way they are timed, controlled, and how the Skipper interacts with them. With Bridewell's Gas Dock being named "the largest controlled flame effect" in attractions history, the safety and control of the flame effects was something that was a challenge for ride designers.

Scene Breakdown

To explain the sequence further, let's take a step-by-step look at that scene ("Scene 4") blocking and timing- when your boat triggers the underwater proxy -- located about 5 feet outside of the Boathouse Doors -- the ride computer system (housed in Mayor Vaugn's house) begins the show triggers. First is the "10 minutes" audio queue from Chief Brody. At this point, the boat is about 10 feet from the wooden dock to the left of Bridewell's Gas Dock. The next sensor the boat encounters underwater is a large petal the vehicle physically pushes underwater to cue the flame effetcs and makes the boat go into 'show' by doing two rolls (leans right then left) and send attack shark flying up to the port side of the boat.

Fire Control Console

The next triggers of effects are extremely quick, but cue each of the flame blasts. These blasts are always extremely monitored with an entirely separate ride computer to ensure Skipper and Guest safety. The Flame Control Console (FCC) is housed in Bridewell's Gas Dock itself and monitors/alerts the ride Tower attendant and Ride Show System/Ride Show System with: Wind speed, Water Levels, Temperature Outside, and Cloud Coverage. The FCC computer will determine - within seconds - which flame effects should be triggered or disabled due to any condition. For example, if the wind speeds coming along side of the Boathouse are too high, Flame Bars will automatically be disabled.

The Infamous Flame Bars

The initial explosion (explained as the Skippers' grenade exploding on the dock - is behind the second gas pump) then initiates the overall explosions in order: falling gas pumps, gas pipe explosion (spirtzer), grenade explosion #2, broken dock explosion #1-3 and the most infamous effect Flame Bars. Flame Bars are achieved by high pressured mixture of natural gas, propane, and compressed air being blown underwater through PVC pipes with holes in them. The pipes were designed specifically to connect the gas in a straight line to make it appear that the water has gasoline on fire. As a small note: the nasty smell that flame bars sometimes give off is the natural gas.

In the event of an emergency, or if the flames get too close to the boat, Skippers have the ability to Emergency Flame Stop all flame effects until they can be monitored by technicians from their boat operator control console (dashboard).

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