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Take a peek behind the scenes with AmityBoatTours' exclusive, never-before-seen content - in this 'Backstage' glimpse, you'll be able to check out and learn how the attraction runs, and some behind the scenes photos, videos, and more! To begin, select a chapter from the menu below:

Attraction Queue

The creators of the JAWS attraction put a lot of work in to not only the Amity Island area but also the main attraction queue. Created to look like a poorly-converted Lobster Co-Op, the Captain Jake’s Amity Boat Tours queue has many secrets within itself, including the infamous WJWS news channel, which adds a completely different depth to the attraction (no pun intended).

  • As you walk throughout the queue (and on the attraction) you will see many pairs of shoes, they were all worn by previous Skippers who have left over the years.

  • The Marine Co-Op (JAWS Queue) can hold up to 2,127 people.

  • The two large boats docked outside the entrance to Amity Boat Tours are Neptune's Folly and the Amity Police (License number: MS 3692JD) both of which were used in the motion picture JAWS: The Revenge.

  • The original 1990 Boathouse sign (Jay's Boathouse Storage) can be seen in the second queue building (where you enter).

  • The JAWS attraction's three (3) queue buildings use enough queue rope to wrap around Amity Island six (4) times.

  • Be careful as you enter the Co-Op, some "fresh caught" fish and sharks may spray or drip water on you.

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