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Take a peek behind the scenes with AmityBoatTours' exclusive, never-before-seen content - in this 'Backstage' glimpse, you'll be able to check out and learn how the attraction runs, and some behind the scenes photos, videos, and more! To begin, select a chapter from the menu below:

The Attraction

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. a giant fin slices through the waves and you’re suddenly face to face with three tons of Great White fury.” -Universal Orlando Website

  • There are three (3) track switches within the JAWS attraction. Two are located in the first show scene, and the final is located next to the Unload platform.

  • Following the attraction's theme the first scene is the only "scripted" section of the ride. The rest is the pure "panic" of your Skipper.

  • During your boat tour, if you look in Mayor Vaughn's house in the upper middle window you will see two ambient light sensor(s) that control the attractions day and night sound effects based on how bright the sun is. (Scene 1)

  • Each house on Amity Island holds a specific ride mechanism, computer system, or practical storing purpose. (Scene 1)

  • Failure to popular belief, the headstone in Amity's Holy Ghost Church does not say 'Robert Shaw". The headstone reads "Southerland" which is a joke with the old creators and developers of the 1990 JAWS attraction... in some aspect, the joke is "their concept is dead". (Scene 1)

  • 'Amity 3' is sinks over nine hundred (900) times a day. (Scene 2)

  • The 'Amity 3' sinking is achieved by the boat facade being hoisted up and down a narrow track (going down) and being pulled by ropes - yes, it's a simple as that.. (Scene 2)

  • 'Amity 3' can completely reset in less than 25 seconds. (Scene 2)

  • When a Skipper "fires" the forty millimeter Grenade Launcher, they do not control the water 'explosions'. All effects are specifically timed, it is up to the Skipper to blend the sound effect seamlessly with the effect(s). (Scene 2)

  • The two shark fins used in the second scene have back 'tails' that can move to simulate a real Great White Shark, due to maintenance issues, this effect has been disabled for quite a while. (Scene 2)

  • Just before you enter the Boathouse, you can see a bloody handprint on the Orca's window. (Scene 2)

  • One piece of floating debris (from Amity 3) is actually a large, expensive, floating hidden bass speaker, which adds to the effect of a sinking tour boat. (Scene 2)

  • The Boathouse has over 70 lighting elements all maintained by the hidden catwalk in the roof for maintenance. (Scene 2)

  • The Boathouse entrance and exit doors are equipped with specially designed 'light blockers' which (when triggered) drop down underwater after the door closing to prevent sunlight from entering the Boathouse. (Scene 2)

  • The computer consoles that control the Boathouse doors have a screensaver of famed Nickelodeon cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants. (Scene 3)

  • On top of Quint's Boathouse is a handcrafted and welded shark weather vain created by one of the JAWS technicians. (Scene 2)

  • The only underwater light used in the JAWS attraction, can be found under the 'exploding dock' in the Boathouse. This effect is supposed to simulate sunlight beaming through the underwater debris when the shark breaks through the wall of the Boathouse. (Scene 3)

  • Within the Boathouse, a special fog effect is used - called 'Mee Fog'. This extremely cost efficient effect actually super-pressurizes purified water and forces it through specially-designed nozzles to achieve a very thick, cloudy, damp fog effect. (Scene 3)

  • The Boathouse shark is the largest of the four sharks. (Scene 3)

  • During normal operation, each time the flame effects go off it costs an estimated $590.00. This means that within one hour the gas prices of Amity would be $7,080.00. (Scene 4)

  • The flame effects have an automatic disable that will come on if wind speeds exceed a certain miles per hour. (Scene 4)

  • Natural gas is pumped underwater and ignited by two buoy lighters to create the effect of floating gasoline ignited by the explosion. (Scene 4)
  • The flame effects used in JAWS are the single largest controlled fire effects in the smallest area in the United States. (Scene 4)

  • The safety precautions for the flame effects include: (Scene 4)

    - Three (3) wind speed indicators [which monitor the speed/direction of the wind.]

    - A track safety switch [which when in the 'up' position does not allow the flame effects to be enabled. The boat literally drives over the switch and causes the scene to begin]

  • There five gas 'fires' that are set off at different times to create the illusion of an exploding gasoline fill station. (Scene 4)

  • "The Layla", a floating boat sitting next to the flames, holds a very large speaker which adds the large bass to the explosion sound effects found both on Bridewell's Gas Dock and your boat's onboard audio system. Layla lost her roof during the 2003 hurricanes. (Scene 4)

  • There are four (4) onshore speakers to amplify the explosion sound effects. Without these speakers, all you would hear is a light whistle of the propane escaping the pipes. (Scene 4)

  • The thirty two foot, three ton mechanical shark is made of steel and fiberglass and has been outfitted with a very realistic latex skin. (Scene 5)

  • During the various shark attack, each shark moves through the water at speeds of twenty feet per second and thrusts with power equal to a 727 jet engine. (Scene 5)

  • During maintenance (or downtimes) the sharks (the dead shark, and the attacking wire shark) can both be raised out of the water. Both of which sit on huge platforms which give the technicians easy access into all of their moving parts. The platforms are so large that when fully erect, they sharks come eye-level with the bridge. (Scene 5)

  • The 'Amity Electric Barge' is equipped with many special effect, including: Strobe and specially designed (waterproof) lighting elements, along with three (3) steam nozzles, spark effects, and dropping/moving pieces. (Scene 5)

  • Due to mechanical issues, two (2) bungee cord type wires have been installed on either side of the finale electric cable to ensure that the electrical wire fits into the sharks mouth with astonishing precision. (Scene 5)

  • The shark used in this scene is the ONLY shark that has full maneuverability (i.e. moving forwards, backwards, left/right, and having the jaw move up and down) all of these combined create a very terrifying effect of a shark attacking the wire. (Scene 5)

  • The scented steam that is shot into the boat is created using a boiler and corn smelling oils, along with two 'special' Universal Created scents: "Burning Flesh" and "Burning Wires" (Scene 5)

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