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Amity Island

With a year round average of 9,190 population, the quiet vacation-town of Amity Island has had quite a past - the “shark attacks” of ‘74 completely crippled all town business. Two years later Mayor Vaughn reopened the suffering Island in 1976 and since, Amity Island has been a huge vacation and sight seeing spot due to it’s world class Captain Jake’s Amity Boat Tours. Just ask yourself, is it really safe to go back into the once shark-infested waters?

  • As you walk through Amity Island you will see over twenty (20) business fa├žades. Each hold a specific themed game, food service window, or backstage purpose.

  • The JAWS attraction coves over seven (7) acres of the Universal Studios Florida Frontlot.

  • The JAWS lagoon holds five (5) million gallons of water, all of which can be controlled by the attraction Ride Technicians throughout the day.

  • Each of the four "shark heads" are thirty-two (32) feet long and weigh over three (3) tons individually.

  • To build the attraction, the construction crews had to pour ten (10,000) thousand cubic yards of concrete, reinforced with seven thousand five hundred (7,500) tons of steel.

  • The estimated cost of the JAWS attraction at Universal Studios Florida was forty-five (45) million dollars.

  • Nearly two thousand (2,000) miles of fiber-optic cable run throughout the JAWS attraction.

  • The fiber-optic cable throughout the attraction relays power and communication throughout the ride/area.

  • Many props found in both Amity Harbor and Amity Island were actually taken from Gloucester, Massachusetts and surrounding Northeastern fishing towns to ensure authenticity.

  • When creating the attraction, the Universal Studios Creative Team learned that water causes five hundred (500x) times resistance to air. In doing so they calculated that the sharks animatronics used at JAWS must move through the water faster and more powerful than any other animatronic ever attempted at Universal Studios.

  • The sharks animatronics are powered by the use of use pneumatics or pressurized liquid called "Hydraulic Fluid". This means that warm extremely pressurized hydraulic fluid are pumped through pistons within the shark animation to open and shut the shark's massive jaws and also any side motion.

  • The hydraulic fluid is pumped from the center of the island, through pipes located above the ground and below the water.

  • This attraction uses more hydraulic fluid than any other attraction on the Universal Studios resort and, incase you were wondering, hydraulic fluid is made from Canola Oil, the same oil movie theater popcorn is popped in but is dyed a greenish orange color so that it can be seen easier.

  • It is believed that the '76 banners throughout the island were left over after the annual Amity Island Fourth of July in 1976 when the island reopened after it's infamous shark attacks.

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